Terminal file manager with a vim-like interface
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2023-12-06 04:42add page-up page-down hotkeysRaw Monk1+8-0
2023-12-06 04:30fix resource leaksRaw Monk2+21-16
2023-09-29 22:09add arrow keys to move left and rightRaw Monk1+6-0
2023-09-29 22:03add arrow keys to move up and downRaw Monk1+14-5
2023-08-27 16:20add dependency to readmeRaw Monk1+6-0
2023-08-24 17:00handle " characters in file nameRaw Monk1+25-4
2023-08-23 00:12fix shell commandRaw Monk1+3-3
2023-08-20 19:41fix files sortRaw Monk1+2-2
2023-08-04 16:59syntax fixes, null-terminated file id dataRaw Monk6+23-25
2023-08-04 16:30sort trash filesRaw Monk4+25-17
2023-08-04 16:14show file type for trash files, check file type when unknownRaw Monk4+27-11
2023-08-04 14:57allow to open editor on files in the trash, trim spaces from commandsRaw Monk5+38-66
2023-07-07 20:41remove unused code from util header and makefileRaw Monk2+5-17
2023-07-07 19:50call chdir before editing fileRaw Monk1+1-0
2023-05-08 22:23check if the directory is empty when copying path and selecting itemRaw Monk2+6-4
2023-05-08 22:10fix crash when trying to edit file in an empty folderRaw Monk1+2-0
2023-04-04 02:51set term variable before retrying with another terminal typeRaw Monk1+5-3
2023-03-20 23:36fix bug causing program to freeze when searching a non present characterRaw Monk1+7-1
2023-03-17 20:59fix termboxChaeldar1+2016-1965
2023-03-08 19:59set EDITOR to vi if the environment variable is not setRaw Monk1+2-0
2023-02-11 17:23redirect both stdout and stderr when using the system functionChaeldar2+3-3
2023-02-11 17:12remove new line when copying pathChaeldar1+9-6
2023-02-10 23:33add demo gifRaw Monk3+4-0
2023-02-08 19:46chdir before executing shell commandRaw Monk1+2-0
2023-02-06 16:31fix copying directories with special characters in the nameRaw Monk1+5-2
2023-02-05 03:33fix file moving functionRaw Monk1+1-0
2023-02-05 02:42add trash related commands to readmeRaw Monk2+16-10
2023-02-05 02:41use shell command when copying directories, fix bugs with the trashRaw Monk6+131-97
2023-02-03 15:06chdir before opening a fileRaw Monk1+2-0
2023-02-02 23:25fix memory leaksRaw Monk2+10-6
2023-02-02 18:03command to view files in the trash, allow restoring filesRaw Monk5+245-45
2023-02-02 14:40fix trash path functionRaw Monk1+1-1
2023-02-02 19:28add trash clear commandRaw Monk3+116-22
2023-02-02 17:41fix colorsRaw Monk2+12-7
2023-02-02 17:10copy files in userspace on system without copy_file_rangeRaw Monk1+13-1
2023-02-02 16:57use lseek64 on linuxRaw Monk1+5-0
2023-02-02 11:54use copy_file_range instead of sendfileRaw Monk2+19-6
2023-02-02 03:45implement functionalities to cut, copy and delete filesRaw Monk13+333-4
2023-02-01 17:29stop using getcwd, use PWD instead, follow symbolic link relativelyRaw Monk6+43-11
2023-02-01 04:48improve utf8 compatibilityRaw Monk8+422-15
2023-01-31 23:12make termbox fall back to screen terminalChaeldar1+27-23
2023-01-31 22:43update readmeRaw Monk2+82-2
2023-01-31 22:25add fixes for IllumosChaeldar4+20-1
2023-01-31 21:09include signal.h before other headers in termbox.c on OpenBSDVaati1+6-0
2023-01-31 21:01remove includes from termbox headerRaw Monk6+32-27
2023-01-31 20:44fix termbox to work on OpenBSDVaati2+8-1
2023-01-31 20:34change text color to black on unselected tabsRaw Monk1+1-1
2023-01-31 20:31fix termbox include, remove posix macro in the makefileRaw Monk3+6-6
2023-01-31 20:05add search modeRaw Monk2+85-14
2023-01-31 17:22fix new tab path, width limit on tab name, add shell commandRaw Monk5+60-17
2023-01-30 02:54add license file and gmi readmeRaw Monk2+16-0
2023-01-30 02:49sort files and fix tab barRaw Monk9+835-47
2023-01-29 14:48Initial commitRaw Monk8+3512-0